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  • Living in a world where one of our highest priorities is reduce our carbon footprint, our endeavours to find clean modes of transport are ever evolving. The ET Scooter is one of the most stylish and innovative electric bikes to be introduced into the market place in present times. This amazing creation comes from a highly technical firm specialising in designing and manufacturing quality lifestyle products. This superb product took over 4 years to develop. In fact, there’s nothing comparable to the ET Scooter in the market.
  • This incredible practical mode of transportation provides users the best of travel experience without causing harm to the environment. Started in 2012, ET Scooter has been accredited with ROHS, FCC, and CE certification. Currently, the scooter holds patent in more than 40 countries. Many more patents are pending and we are pleased this design is so well protected. There are several benefits of ET Scooter and one of the most formidable attributes of this electric bike is it only takes 2 hours to fully charge the battery from flat. The design has been conceptualised by an expert team, taking innovation to the zenith. The invention allows users to travel up to 35-40km without charge. With a restricted speed of 20KPH which can be set at a constant with the help of cruise control, it really is a product that receives huge attention both on looks and design.
  • The core design and strength is afforded by a quality aluminium K frame which is capable of carrying a person of up to 120KG. Coupled with a high endurance battery ensures that it is guaranteed to last at least 900 full cycles. What’s more, this lightweight top end product is also foldable. Incredibly, this scooter scissors down to make it a very portable design. As it only weighs 18KG, it is very manageable to load into your car, boat, or train.
  • Whether you are travelling to work, meeting friends at your local cafe, the ET Scooter makes travelling fun, cheap and practical.
  • Register your interest today, this is quite simply the most interesting practical way to travel short distances with ultra low running costs and maintenance.

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